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Michelle Wilson


Own a Piece of You: Why Commission Art for Your Home

Ever walked through a gallery and wished there was a painting that perfectly captured your favourite memory, or fit that awkward space on your wall? Commissioned art turns that wish into reality.

Here's why a commissioned piece is more than just a decoration:

  • Uniquely You: Forget mass-produced prints. A commissioned piece reflects your style, interests, and even tells a story personal to you.

  • The Perfect Fit: Have a bare wall with specific dimensions? An artist can create a piece specifically sized for your space.

  • Collaborate with Creativity: Work directly with the me to bring your vision to life. Choose the colours, subject, and style that resonates with you.

  • Support the Arts: Commissioning directly helps artists thrive and keeps the creative spirit alive.

  • An Heirloom to Hold Onto: A commissioned piece becomes a conversation starter and a treasured keepsake to pass down for generations.

Ready to transform your space and own a piece of you? Contact us today to discuss your art commission!

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