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Work, Rest or Play?

As easy as it would be to spend every day painting or drawing I do have to remind myself to switch off. Even though creating art is relaxing there is the business side of things too. Sometimes these tasks take up more time! And aren't as much fun!

This weekend for Mother's day I was treated to a day out by the sea. I went wild swimming, had a glass of wine sitting in the sun and fish and chips at the harbour.

I needed it. My body, mind and soul needed it! And for me there is no place better for the soul than the seaside.

The added bonus is that after every trip to the coast I feel inspired. I am fascinated by the water and the sunsets. The beautiful colours, the sound of the waves, the smell of salt in the air.

I am finding myself more and more drawn to nature and the great outdoors. I am brimming with ideas for future paintings!

In writing this I hope that you too take time off when needed to recharge your batteries.

Get back to nature or something you love.❤


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